Is F1 22 crossplay/crossplatform?

A highly-requested feature for F1 22 is coming.

Image via EA Sports

One of the more notable omissions from the launch of Electronic Arts and Codemasters’ F1 22 was crossplay functionality. This was not a feature in last year’s game, but it has been a highly requested one for other sports games and has become somewhat of a priority for EA, at least on the FIFA front. Thanks to a post-launch update, F1 22 will offer players the chance to share the starting line with others from different platforms. Let’s take a look at when we can expect the update to drop.

When is crossplay coming to F1 22?

Electronic Arts and Codemasters confirmed on August 4 that the inclusion of crossplay in F1 22 will come during August. F1 Senior Creative Director Lee Mather stated that crossplay will allow for better matchmaking, so F1 players will be able to match up against other users who have similar skillsets.

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F1 22 did not include crossplay at the onset, and while an actual date has not been set just yet, it will be coming later in August. Before then, EA and Codemasters will hold a limited trial to test out crossplay. Two separate trials. one from August 5-7 and the other from August 12-14, will take place in Social Race and Two-Player Career Modes.

It should be noted that while crossplay will be inserted in F1 22, usage of this functionality will not be mandatory. Codemasters stated that once implemented, players will be able to shut it off.

The addition of crossplay is not the only addition coming to F1 22 as part of post-content updates. Codemasters confirmed earlier this week that the Portimao circuit will be added into F1 22, and was put in as a usable track on August 2. An additional post-launch update on September 12 will add the Shanghai International Circuit to F1 22.