Is F1 22 multiplayer cross-gen? Answered

F1 22 is taking a step back.

Image via EA Sports

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With the latest installment in the F1 series from Codemasters, it’s time for Formula One fans to start preparing. Racing games, like many genres, are best experienced with other players. With F1 22 releasing as a cross-gen title, can fans also expect cross-gen multiplayer to make the cut?

Unfortunately, F1 22 does not offer cross-gen multiplayer, unlike the previous title. You are only able to play online with people on the same system. PlayStation 4 users can only play with other PS4 users. By the same token, PlayStation 5 users are only able to match up against players on PS5. This works the same way on the Xbox systems.

This is sure to disappoint fans, considering the previous installment in the series had cross-gen multiplayer. It will only serve to segment the playerbase. Additionally, F1 22 removes the concept of free console upgrades. F1 2021 entitled last-gen console owners to the current-gen editions for free. F1 22, on the other hand, forces players to pay for the game’s champion’s edition to receive both console versions in the same package.

Neither its developer nor publisher has stated a reason for omitting such features. Unless the last-gen console versions are utilizing some sort of simplified physics or driving model, there is no reason for cross-gen multiplayer to be cut one year later.