Is Flameheart returning in Sea of Thieves?

Return of the feared Skeleton Lord?

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Sea of Thieves provides a thrilling experience and story for those looking to get fully immersed in the pirate’s way of life. One character players will surely run into in their long journey is Captain Flameheart. His huge orange skull in the sky used to be an unmissable sight in the Sea of Thieves. He serves as the primary antagonist in Sea of Thieves and players had to defeat him and his fleet of ghost ships during the Ghost Fleet world event. But, as he is one of the most feared pirates to ever haunt the Sea of Thieves, players might wonder if he might ever return.

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Will Captain Flameheart return in Sea of Thieves? Speculation and clues

Currently, it is not certain whether Captain Flameheart will return in Sea of Thieves. But the Adventure titled The Herald of the Flame might indicate his return. In the event, Belle is sure that an Ancient Prophecy warns of Flameheart’s return. This continued the larger Flameheart storyline, and bringing back the iconic Captain Flameheart seems perfectly reasonable. Moreover, the Adventure had players seeking out Stitcher Jim, one of Flameheart’s followers. So, we might be facing the Skeleton Lord, and one of the most feared pirates once again in Sea of Thieves.

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As of this writing, The Herald of the Flame is the latest limited-time Adventure in Sea of Thieves and will be live until October 27. Through this adventure, Players can uncover the truth about the Ancient Prophecy, seek out Stitcher Jim, and put a stop to Captain Flameheart’s return if possible. Even if you stop him here, it’s worth keeping an eye out for future story developments — this guide will update if the answer changes.