Is Hitman 3 down? How to check the server status

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Hitman 3 is an online-only game, meaning that players need an internet connection to play most of the content, and the servers need to be online for players to access it. At times, developer IO Interactive takes the servers down for maintenance ahead of big updates. This guide covers any server maintenance that we’re aware of and explains how to check the server status yourself if there doesn’t seem to be any official maintenance.

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Hitman 3 Ambrose Island maintenance

IO Interactive has confirmed a short period of maintenance for Hitman 3 on July 26. During this time, the game’s servers were be offline, starting from 5 AM PT/2 PM CEST for approximately one hour. A new patch available for players afterward contains Ambrose Island, the first new location ever to be added to Hitman 3.

The maintenance took roughly one hour longer than expected, but Ambrose Island has now successfully been added to the game. IO Interactive has shared some patch notes to give players an idea of what to expect before diving in, but we recommend avoiding them if you want a surprise.

How to check Hitman 3’s server status

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There are a few ways to check the Hitman 3 server status. The first port of call should always be the official Hitman 3 server page. This displays the server status for every version of Hitman 3, meaning you can see if there’s an issue with all platforms or just one. If everything looks fine on that page, but you’re still experiencing issues, check the official Hitman 3 Twitter page. This is where most server issues that have been picked up will be shared with the community.

Finally, if there’s nothing showing on either of the two aforementioned pages, but you’re still having trouble with the game, check the IO Interactive Twitter account. IO Interactive is Hitman 3’s developer, and known issues or updates are usually shared on that account a short time ahead of them being shared on the Hitman 3 account.