Is Hot Wheels Unleashed cross platform/crossplay?

Can you race against your friends regardless of platform?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hot Wheels Unleashed has finally been, well, unleashed. The tiny toy arcade racer is an amazing licensed game, and it’s hit just about every platform available. Older fans of the toys will get a nostalgic kick out of playing with such faithful virtual recreations, and the game offers an incredibly impressive track editor mode for players to create the wildest levels that they can imagine. But will you be able to enjoy racing a pint-sized Batmobile against a toaster car with friends on other systems?

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Unfortunately, the answer is no — sort of. Hot Wheels Unleashed doesn’t offer multiplayer cross-platform play, but it does offer cross-gen play. Xbox Series X/S players can race with Xbox One players, and likewise, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players can burn rubber with their friends. PC players will also be able to race together regardless if the game is purchased on the Epic Games Store or Steam.

That’s the full extent of the game’s cross-play multiplayer features right now, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. In response to a fan’s comment on Facebook, the official page for Hot Wheels Unleashed clarified that while cross-platform play isn’t currently a feature, the developers are “not ruling it out at a future time.”