Is Humankind cross platform/crossplay?

Who can you play the game with?

Image via AMPLITUDE Studio

In Humankind, you’ll be attempting to go through history in a strategy format where history will be rewritten, and your path varies through each playthrough. Because it’s a strategy game, you’ll be able to play through the game, compete against friends, or working together towards the final goal together. Is there cross platform and crossplay for Humankind?

There is a cross platform format for Humankind, but not for every version of the game. It’s a PC game that’s being offered on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass if you have the Ultimate edition, and you will be able to play with others who purchased their version on Steam. So, those who have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Steam version can play with another. However, Humankind will also be available on Stadia, but it does not feature any cross platform gameplay.

If you have a friend who purchased the game on Stadia, or you did, you won’t be able to play with anyone on the Xbox or Steam version. You’re going to be limited to any one who also played purchased the game on Stadia. These details were confirmed by the Humankind team on their official twitter page.

It’s a bit unfortunate that it will be limited this way with Microsoft and Steam able to run together. Cross platform play could be added in the future, but because Microsoft and Steam already work together on the game’s release, Stadia might not work well with the other platforms.