Is Icicle spear good in Pokémon Go?

Should you be using icicle spear in Pokémon Go?

Image via Niantic

A new move coming to Pokémon Go is icicle spear. It will be a charged move that you can initially only use on Walrein. With it being a brand new attack in Pokémon Go, many players are curious about its overall quality and how it will shake up the Battle League meta. This guide will cover if Icicle Spear is good in Pokémon and all of the attack’s stats.

These are the stats for icicle spear in Pokémon Go.

  • PvP
    • Damage: 60
    • Energy: 35
  • Raids and PvE:
    • Damage: 60
    • Energy: 33

Many Pokémon Go players are referring it to the charged move weather ball before the developers nerfed it, and this is an accurate statement. Icicle spear will be an extremely powerful move that doesn’t cost too much energy for you to use. You’ll be doing a solid 60 damage for only 35 energy, giving you plenty of ways to bait out a shield when using a Walrein, and other Pokémon in the future, who have access to icicle spear.

When icicle spear first releases, it will only be available to Walrein. On Walrein, it will significantly boost this Pokémon because of the damage potential, and it all comes down to the amount of energy Walrein needs to use to fire off this attack. Given it only requires 35 energy, this can become a powerful move for Walrein and other Ice-type Pokémon to use.

When it comes to other Pokémon, there might be a better choice for icicle spear when it becomes more common. But the overall attack is a powerful addition to Pokémon Go. So we expect it might receive some balance changes in the future, depending on what Pokémon receive this attack moving forward.

We highly recommend icicle spear in Pokémon Go, and we can’t wait to see how players take advantage of it in the Battle League.