Is It Worth Buying Pokemon GO’s Paid Eggs-pedition Access February Ticket?

There’s a new paid ticket in Pokemon GO, and we’re breaking down the details so you can decide if February Eggs-pedition Access is worth

Pokemon GO February Eggs-pedition Access Paid Ticket

Image via Niantic

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Over the past few years, Niantic has added more paid, ticketed events to Pokemon GO. This includes a new monthly Eggs-pedition Access ticket with one of the highest single-ticket price tags in the game to date.

Pokemon GO‘s February Eggs-pedition Access will be the third installment in this new series, which is a part of the Timeless Travels season. And now that we’ve got a few rounds of Eggs-pedition Access under our belts, the question Pokemon GO fans are asking is… is the February Eggspedition Access Ticket worth it? We’re taking a look at what’s included, as well as community feedback from the first two paid events, to help you decide.

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How Much is Pokemon GO’s February Eggs-pedition Access?

PokeCoins Pokemon GO
Image via Niantic

The February ticket for the monthlong Eggs-pedition Access event is priced at $5 USD or local equivalent.

This ticket grants you access to the Paid Research and event bonuses from February 1 to February 29 at 8 PM local time. It’s worth noting that February is the shortest month of the year, giving users fewer days to enjoy the perks and complete the research than prior tickets for December 2023 and January 2024.

What’s Included in Pokemon GO’s February Eggs-pedition Access

Pokemon Go February Eggs-pedition Access Worth It
Image via The Pokemon Company

The Eggs-pedition Access Ticket for February includes two main perks: access to special Paid Research and monthlong bonuses for ticketholders.

The Paid Timed Research for February features rewards of Stardust, XP, and an encounter with Hisuian Growlithe. Paid Timed Research does expire, meaning that even if you purchase the $5 ticket you must complete the tasks before the event expires, or you’ll lose them and their rewards.

Eggs-pedition Access February Bonuses include:

  • A single-use incubator with your first PokeStop spin of the day
  • Triple XP for first catch of the day
  • Triple XP for first PokeStop or Gym spin of the day
  • Increased ability to open up to 50 gifts per day
  • Ability to get up to 150 gifts from PokeStops per day
  • Increased bag holding capacity for up to 40 gifts

Now that we’ve laid out what’s included let’s dig in a little deeper to help you decide whether the paid timed research and bonuses are worth your $5 this February.

Is Pokemon GO’s Paid February Eggs-pediton Access Worth It?

Chest of PokeCoins Pokemon Go
Image via Niantic

Given that most of the items included can’t be purchased in the in-game shop directly, it’s hard to compare hit-for-hit whether everything in the February Eggs-pedition Access ticket adds up to a net value of $5.

The value of the ticket will ultimately depend on whether you’re willing to put money into the game, as well as which aspects of the game matter to you the most. That said, we can look at each of the main perks to help you decide if it’s worth your while.

The Bonus Incubator Value Comparison

We know that incubators are priced at 150 PokeCoins, or roughly $1.50 if you look at the price conversation for PokeCoins to cash. So, if you spin a stop every day of the month, you’d certainly get your money’s worth in incubators alone.

Of course, that’s assuming that you agree incubators are worth $1.50 each, which may not be the case. There’s also the fact that these incubators are single-use, so they’re not a one-for-one comparison with the incubators you buy from the in-game shop, which are good for three uses before they break.

Bonus Experience Points for PokeStop Spins

When you add in the experience points and extra gifts, what you get out of the ticket depends on how much you plan to play Pokemon GO in February.

If you’re playing every day and have easy access to spinning at least one PokeStop or Gym, all that extra XP can add up, meaning it may be a good investment if you’re really committed to leveling up in the game.

Give & Get Extra Gifts

What about the bonus gifts gifts? Many Pokemon GO users agree that the gifting system doesn’t really come with enough benefits, considering the time it takes to send & receive that many gifts.

If you really enjoy giving & getting gifts, this may be a perk, but the general consensus seems to be that this is more homework than it is a worthwhile perk for the ticket.

Timed Research Rewards

The rewards for the Paid Timed Research are pretty standard compared with other research trees, with XP and Stardust plus a special Pokemon encounter. As a result, this isn’t really the most impressive part of the ticket for many players. It adds some XP and Stardust to the mix, but it’s probably not the primary draw.

Our final verdict? If hatching eggs and gaining XP are parts of the game that are a priority to you and you’re a regular daily player, the February Eggs-pedition Access ticket might feel worth your investment. If you are desperate to get your hands on Hisuian Growlithe and confident you can check off Timed Research Tasks, then that may tip the scales for you.

On the other hand, if you only check in with the game occasionally, don’t get in enough KMs to hatch eggs, or live in a rural area where it’s not feasible to be spinning a PokeStop or Gym every day, these perks are likely not worth your $5.