Pokemon GO February 2024 Events: All Dates for Special Events, Community Days, Spotlight Hours, and Raids

February is a busy month for Pokemon fans, and there’s a full calendar of Pokemon GO events in February 2024 to prove it

Pokemon GO February 2024 Event Calendar

Image via Niantic

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Between the Sinnoh Tour and regular Pokemon GO events like Community Day, Raids, and Spotlight Hour, February 2024 is shaping up to be a busy month. Thankfully, we’ve got the full calendar of February 2024 Pokemon GO events to help us plan ahead.

As we head into February, many Pokemon fans are thinking about Pokemon Day and the announcements it may bring. Even if we can’t wait for a good surprise, there’s still plenty of other events to look forward to this month, particularly when it comes to Pokemon GO. We’ve got the full event calendar (barring any Pokemon Day surprises on February 27), so let’s dig in.

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Pokemon GO February 2024 Community Day

Pokemon GO February 2024 Chansey Community Day
Image via Niantic

Our Community Day in February 2024 will feature the egg Pokemon Chansey. Pokemon GO Chansey Community Day will be February 4, 2024 from 2 PM to 5 PM.

We’ve got all the details about bonuses for the event here.

Pokemon GO February 2024 Event: Lunar New Year Dragons Unleashed

Pokemon GO 2024 Lunar New Year Event
Image via Niantic

Our first big Pokemon GO event for February celebrates the Lunar New Year, with the Dragons Unleashed celebration on February 5 through February 11.

Ushering in the Year of the Dragon, this event features the debut of Drampa and Shiny Drampa, plus plenty of featured dragon-type Pokemon.

Pokemon GO February 2024 GO Battle Day

Image via Niantic

If you’re looking to battle, mark down February 10 on your calendar, because that’s the date for our February GO Battle Day. The event will go from 12 AM to just before midnight in your local time.

GO Battle Day is a recurring event where trainers can compete in multiple sets of Go Battle League Matches each day.

Pokemon GO February 2024 Raid Day: Hisuian Decidueye

Hisuian Decidueye Raid Day Pokemon GO
Image via The Pokemon Company

On February 11 from 2 PM to 5 PM local time, Pokemon GO fans can participate in a special Hisuian Decidueye Raid Day. This marks the debut of Hisuian Decidueye in Pokemon GO.

During the Hisuian Decidueye Raid Day, players will encounter three-star raids featuring Hisuian Decidueye. It’s Shiny version will debut during the event as well. Bonuses include additional raid passes at Gyms and an increase to the Remote Raid limit during the event.

This event also features an optional $5 paid ticket that will add additional perks, including even more raid passes, additional XP, and stardust.

Pokemon GO February 2024 Event: Carnival of Love

Love Ball Pokemon GO
Image via the Pokemon Company

We’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day Pokemon GO style with the Carnival of Love event on February 13 to February 15 from 10 AM to 8 PM local time.

This event will feature a variety of cute, pink, and heart-themed Pokemon including the debut of Shiny Oracorio and the ability to change your Furfrou to a Heart Trim Furfrou. Check out our Carnival of Love event guide for the full details.

Pokemon GO February 2024 Event: Road to Sinnoh

Pokemon GO Tour New Avatar Outfits Road to Sinnoh
Image via Niantic

As we head towards the Global edition of Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh, trainers can prepare through the Road to Sinnoh. This event begins on February 19 and runs through February 23.

Pokemon GO‘s Road to Sinnoh event is all about the Sinnoh region and will feature the Gen 4 starters, as well as other Pokemon from the region. We’ve got all the details here.

Pokemon GO February 2024 Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh-Global

Pokemon GO Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Form Palkia
Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh-Global will take place from February 24 to February 25, from 10 AM to 6 PM local time on each day.

This event features a variety of bonuses and special five-star raid encounters with Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia. Check out our event guide for more details on the Pokemon GO debut of these two Pokemon and their new Adventure Effects.

Pokemon GO February 2024 Spotlight Hours

February 2024 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours
Image via The Pokemon Company

This month, we’ll have three different Pokemon GO Stoplight Hours to celebrate. During Stoplight Hours, featured Pokemon appear more frequently in the wild, and trainers typically get an added bonus for catching them. Our dates and Pokemon for February 2024 Spotlight Hours are:

  • February 6: Dratini, with Double Catch XP
  • February 13: Munna, with Double Catch Candy
  • February 27: Sandshdrew & Alolan Sandshrew, with Double Transfer Candy

Pokemon GO February 2024 Mega Raids

In addition to Five-Star Raids, Pokemon GO fans will also see a variety of Mega Raids across the map during February. Here are the dates for each Mega Raid Pokemon this month:

  • January 31 to February 15: Mega Latias & Mega Latios
  • February 15 to February 22: Mega Absol
  • February 22 to March 1: Mega Garchomp

Pokemon GO February 2024 Five Star Raids & Shadow Raids

Image via Niantic

Throughout the month of February 2024, trainers in Pokemon GO will see different featured Five-Star Raids. These raids primarily fall towards the end of the month, rounding out the events schedule as we head into March. Featured Five-Star Raid Pokemon in February 2024 are:

  • February 15 to February 20: Darkrai
  • February 20 to February 21: Cresselia
  • February 21 to February 22: Uxie (Asia-Pacific Region only)
  • February 21 to February 22: Mesprit (Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India only)
  • February 21 to February 22: Azelf (The Americas and Greenland only)
  • February 22 to February 23: Heatran
  • February 23 to February 26: Origin Forme Giratina
  • February 26-March 1: Cresslia & Heatran

February will also feature Shadow Articuno Raids every weekend throughout the month.

Pokemon GO February 2024 Raid Hours & Elite Raid Hours

Pokemon Go Raids
Image via Niantic

Each of the featured Five-Star Raid Pokemon will also have a special Raid Hour. Pokemon caught during the Raid Hour know a special featured attack that is exclusive to this hour only. The Raid Hours for each Pokemon during their events will run from 6PM to 7 PM on one day only.

Here are the Raid Hour dates:

  • Mega Latias Raid Hour: January 31
  • Mega Latios Raid Hour: February 7
  • Darkrai Raid Hour, featuring Sludge Bomb: February 19
  • Cresselia Raid Hour, featuring Grass Knot: February 20
  • Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf Region-Specific Raid Hours: February 21
  • Heatran Raid Hour, featuring Megma Storm: February 22
  • Origin Forme Giratina, featuring Shadow Force: February 23
  • Second Cresselia Raid Hour: February 28
  • Second Heatran Raid Hour: February 28

February will also feature the Debut of Enamorus: Incarnate Form. Throughout the day on February 14, Enamorous will appear in Elite Raid Hours:

  • 12 PM-1 PM
  • 1 PM to 2 PM
  • 5 PM to 6 PM
  • 6 PM to 7 PM

Enamorus will not have a Shiny form in Pokemon GO during its debut.