Is League of Legends Ranked mode down? How to check ranked server status

Is the mode down?

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Ranked mode is a PvP game type where players compete in normal matches to earn or lose points. How many points you have determines your place on the ranked ladder. Like most game modes that require online functionality, Ranked mode may go down for some time due to server issues or other problems. Fortunately, Riot Games have convenient ways for you to check on the status of certain services for League of Legends.

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How to check the ranked server status for League of Legends

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has a status webpage where players can check the status of particular aspects of League of Legends. If a service is down, the webpage will have a message detailing the issue and each message will have a label that explains the current standing of the service. For example, if a message has a Critical label, that means the problem is serious, and the service may be disabled. Sometimes a game mode in League of Legends is negatively affected by a patch or update, forcing Riot Games to disable the mode until the company fixes the bug.

The League of Legends status webpage is updated every 24 hours. You can check the page to see if Ranked mode is down and to make sure there aren’t any issues on your end. If there is a Critical message about Ranked mode, keep checking the status page until the message goes away, or if there is an updated message that informs you that the problem has gone away. Follow Riot Games on the company’s official social media accounts, including the Riot Games and League of Legends Twitter accounts, to keep up to date with any news about League in real-time.

Games like League of Legends require occasional server maintenance to maintain constant functionality in all the game modes. This is why League of Legends requires continual updates and patches to prevent any potential issues with the servers and ensure the smoothest online compatibility.