Is Loot in Anthem Shared?

Loot is essential in Anthem. You need new items to construct a stronger Javelin, and you have to find the right gear that fits your playstyle. Everyone player’s favorite way to play varies from shooting a mile away with a sniper rifle or getting up close with a hefty shotgun. But can you miss gear you’re not around to gather? Sometimes your teammates get ahead of you, and you have to follow them.

The loot drops in Anthem do vary, but they are instanced. Some members of your party may get better loot than you.

Anthem Loot Drops – How It Works

When an item drops in Anthem, the only person who sees that item is you. No one else in your party sees what you’re getting, and each gets rolled at the end of a mission. For example, when you loot an uncommon or rare item, that goes to your total at the end of the mission. When everything gets wrapped up, that unique or rare item becomes a weapon or gear piece associated with that rarity. You won’t know what it is until the end.

The value of loot you’re going to pick up gets determined by the difficulty of the mission. The higher the level of difficulty you set the mission to, the better payout you’re going to get at the end. So, the cycle of the game is going to require you to do missions over and over again, attempting to get better equipment. You’re going to get the best loot drops in missions set to the Grandmaster 1, 2, and 3 difficulty levels.

The Grandmaster Difficulties in Anthem

You’ll receive equipment drops based on what Javelin you’re flying. When you finish a mission, you don’t receive gear or components for your Colossus when you’re using your Storm. So, if you want to get better gear for you Colossus, you may want to turn the difficulty down for a few missions so you can get some decent equipment.

When you’re at the mid-level pilot range, 20 to 30, you’ll want to turn your focus away from looting all the time and instead try your hand at crafting. We have a breakdown on how crafting in Anthem works over here.

If you’re looking for great ways to get blueprints, the crafting guide on our website briefly covers how to acquire them, which is through the game’s challenges. The best way to complete the challenges is consistently running through the game’s grind and using the same weapons and powers.