Is Madden 23 cross platform/crossplay?

Competing teams on different platforms.

Image via EA

The Madden NFL series is undoubtedly the most popular football video game available. It is the only current NFL licensed game that regularly comes out and is well known all over America. Madden NFL games are not known for introducing many current-day features that have become standard in video games, like crossplay between platforms. Will Madden 23 change this trend and be cross platform?

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Does Madden 23 have crossplay functionality?

As of this writing, Madden 23 has not announced if it will feature crossplay/cross platform functionality. However, we would be surprised if the feature was added. Even all of these years after crossplay has become a primarily standardized feature expected in multi-platform video games — EA is the one large company to not really make much use of it to this point. Even Apex Legends, one of their largest video games that would be perfect for this feature, has not had any indication of receiving it.

It is disappointing because Madden is currently the only viable football game on the market. While the game continues to be popular in America, the community remains fractured without the ability to play each other unless they are on the same platform. People enjoy playing these games with and against friends, so it is a perfect candidate to receive crossplay and should be a relatively simple implementation.

As stated above, EA has not come out and said one way or the other whether Madden 23 would have cross platform play, so there is always a chance they will surprise us and add it this year. If that happens, we will update this article with more information on how it will work.