Is Nuketown In Black Ops 4? Nuketown Release Date BO4

Nuketown is a classic. The small asymmetrical map has featured in every single Treyarch Call of Duty title since the original Black Ops, with very slight differences each time. The original Nuketown was set in a 1950’s U.S. suburb, at the end of a cul-de-sac. There are two houses each with a backyard, and a road in the middle with a school bus and a moving truck. It was then remade into Nuketown 2025 for Black Ops 2, with a 1960’s retro-futuristic style meant to represent the “Home of the Future” for 2025. The layout was exactly the same, with the two houses and the vehicles. Then in Black Ops 3, Treyarch released Nuk3town, the third iteration of the map, this time set in 2065 as a simulation. It was slightly modified to suit the movement abilities within the game, such as jetpacks. Is Nuketown in Black Ops 4?

When does Nuketown come out in Black Ops 4? Black Ops 4 Nuketown release date

Unfortunately, Nuketown as a multiplayer map isn’t in Black Ops 4 yet. Treyarch has confirmed that the classic map will be coming to the game at a later date, but they haven’t given us an exact day, however. All we know is that it’s happening in November. That could be November 1, or it could be November 30 – we don’t know yet, but thankfully, it does mean there’s not too long to wait.

What version of Nuketown will it be?

Is Nuketown In Black Ops 4? Nuketown Release Date BO4
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We’re not sure on the answer to this question either, but there is one iteration of Nuketown already in the game. In Blackout, Nuketown Island is the westernmost point on the map. That version of Nuketown is reminiscent of the Nuketown Zombies map in Black Ops 2, so it’s unlikely they’ll take that version and turn it into a multiplayer map, but stranger things have happened. We’re expecting something similar to the original Nuketown in Black Ops 1 but updated. Maybe set in modern day.

When Nuketown eventually does come to Black Ops 4, Treyarch will most likely introduce a Nuketown-only playlist so you can enjoy it non-stop, over and over again. Stick to that, and you’ll hate the map by the end of the week.