Is Overwatch 2 down? How to check Overwatch 2 server status

The servers need healing.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Server issues are much more prominent than any fan of video games would like. That being said, things happen, and you can expect that there will be times when you cannot access your favorite multiplayer game. While Overwatch 2 is a ton of fun, and we love playing it, you need to have access to Blizzard’s servers to do anything in the game. Here is how you can check if the servers for Overwatch 2 are down.

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How to check if there is an Overwatch 2 server outage

As stated above, Overwatch 2 requires you to connect to its servers before you can do anything as simple as viewing your Hero Gallery in the game. There are quite a few places to check if you are having problems getting into the game. For starters, Blizzard is pretty good about posting messages on the login screen in the bottom left corner if there are issues. This can give you a good idea of what problems you may encounter that day.

If you do not see any message on the Overwatch 2 login screen, we recommend checking the official forums. Members of the team, like Jodie, the Community Manager, will post regular updates here, letting players know what is going on. Additionally, you can check the Blizzard Community Support Twitter page for updates.

Sometimes you may run into server issues that are tied to a particular platform. If that is the case, we recommend checking the following sites for each platform owner to check the servers for their services.

If nothing is found from the above sources, we recommend restarting your platform and internet router and then test your internet. If problems keep arising, contact Blizzard Support.