Is Overwatch Down? How to check Battle.Net server status

The world could always use more stable servers.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Even though Battle.Net usually runs pretty well for all of Blizzard’s great games, it is an online service meaning it will run into issues from time to time. Nothing is worse than trying to access your games and not knowing if the barrier keeping you from playing is on your side or somewhere else. Here is how to check if Blizzard’s Battle.Net server status is down when you are trying to play Overwatch.

If you are having issues playing Overwatch and are sure the problem is not on your side, you should check the Overwatch forums or Blizzard Support Twitter first. If there are service outages reported, either the development team or community will have posts discussing them. If maintenance is going on, they will tell you how long it is expected to last and when it should be back up.

If you see nothing on the forums, we recommend looking at Downdetector. This site will not necessarily tell you what the problem is or when it will end, but you will know that others have the same server disconnections as you.

Once you have found out if Overwatch’s servers are down, the only thing you can do is try back later. Keep checking the sources above, and you will know whether everything is back in working order or not.