Is Palworld A Scam? – ‘Pokemon With Guns’ Devs Respond To Claims

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but some gamers aren’t so sure about the similarities between Pokémon and Palworld.

Palworld Scam

Image via Pocketpair

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Gamers remain cautious of Palworld, a Pokémon look-alike that seemingly takes heavy inspiration from the designs and gameplay mechanics of the beloved franchise. These similarities have led many to question the validity of the game, calling it out as a possible scam.

Palworld, developed by Pocketpair, takes the idea of collecting companions and turns it on its head. Instead of forming a bond with the creatures players amass, they can be put to work and then sent out onto the battlefield wielding heavily armed. The game blends the appeal of creature collectors with the visuals of Fortnite, with many of the collectible creatures currently revealed bearing striking similarities to existing Pomon species.

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Palworld Devs Respond to Scam Concerns From Players

Palworld Scam Response
Screenshot via Gamepur

According to the prelaunch early access Q&A shared on the game’s Steam Page, no, Palworld is not a scam.

The developers’ comment reads, “It is not a scam and will definitely be released on January 19th. Palworld is a typical Steam game, you buy it once and it is yours forever. While we may consider expansions after the full release, that is a conversation we will all have together as a community when the time comes!”

However, concern isn’t just on whether the game will be available when stated. Conversation surrounding the gameplay and creature designs have encouraged conversations on Reddit and Twitter, with players pointing out the similarities between Palworld and Pokémon.

At this time, Pocketpair has not addressed these comparisons or indicated that they have concerns about how close the designs of some creatures may be. In response to these instances, some Pokémon enthusiasts have encouraged players not to purchase the game, though the hype continues to grow as more people get into the game.

Is It Safe To Buy Palworld?

At the surface level, yes, it is safe to purchase Palworld.

It is unlikely that the game will be released or that there will be a delay. However, there are always risks when purchasing a game with early access. The content may be limited. There will likely be bugs and glitches to be contented with. There is also the possibility that the developers could abandon the project down the road, leaving it unfinished. Because players are paying for early access and not a full 1.0 experience, these risks are taken on by those who choose to purchase the title.

Despite this, early feedback for Palworld appears to be positive, which may reassure those thinking about getting the game on January 19.