Is Poppy Playtime multiplayer? Answered

Can you bring friends, or are you in it alone?

Image via MOB Games

Poppy Playtime has you trapped in an abandoned toy factory with an army of horror-filled toys that are attempting to catch you. Your only way to endure this entire trauma is to make it through to the end. Will you be able to tackle these deathly toys by yourself, or can you bring a friend into multiplayer in Poppy Playtime and work together?

Unfortunately, Poppy Playtime is labeled as a single-player experience. Therefore, you will have to play the game by yourself to avoid the terrible toys and avoid them while working your way through the toy factory. You can always choose to stream it to your friends on Discord or Twitch if you want to share the horror experience with others, though.

There will be multiple puzzles preventing you from advancing through the facility, not to mention the toys trying to hunt you down. Thankfully, your GrabPack with a pair of artificial arms will be able to assist you throughout the entire journey, and you’ll need it to solve the many puzzles in front of you.

Poppy Playtime is an indie game released with a single chapter. Any future chapters added to the game will be considered DLC. The developer, MOB Games, has not mentioned or shared any details about adding multiplayer features in the future.