Is Ready or Not coming to console?

You might be waiting a long time.

Ready or Not

Screenshot via VOID Interactive YouTube

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Four years after its initial reveal, Ready or Not launched on PC via Steam Early Access on December 17, 2021. It launched to a very strong user reception, sparking the question: can console players expect Ready or Not on their preferred platform?

For the time being, Ready or Not is PC exclusive. However, the developers aren’t entirely opposed to the idea of bringing it to consoles. On its official FAQ, VOID Interactive stated that it might seek opportunities to port the game to consoles down the line. This decision depends on the reception of the game’s final release version according to the FAQ. Even after Ready or Not launches out of Early Access, no concrete promises were made. Eager console players will just have to wait and see.

Ready or Not is a slow-paced tactical shooter most similar to Rainbow Six Siege. Though, it is much more stripped back, removing the hero shooter element of Siege’s various operators. Billed as a SWAT simulator, Ready or Not is a much more grounded game. For example, any damage sustained influences players’ abilities. Being shot in the leg slows players down and prevents them from kicking doors open. Conversely, an injured arm increases recoil. As mentioned above, the game Ready or Not is currently available on PC in early access.