Is Registeel good in Pokémon Go?

Registeel is hard to beat.

Image via Niantic

The legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go are the most sought-after choices in the mobile game. They’re pretty exclusive because they frequently rotate and switch out of the five star raids. You only have a few weeks to try your luck of trying to catch it before it disappears. Registeel is one of these Pokémon, and we highly recommend going out of your way to try and catch it. It’s returning to five star raids from June 1 to 17 to celebrate the start of the Season of Discovery. We’ve listed out its best moveset, if you can catch its shiny form during the event, and how to beat it. But why is Registeel good?

Registeel is a Steel-type Pokémon. It’s weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type attacks, but it is resistant against Steel, Rock, Poison, Psychic, Grass, Normal, Flying, Ice, Fairy, Dragon, and Bug-type Pokémon. It’s resistant to various Pokémon attacks, meaning your opponent needs to be extremely selective if they want to eliminate this Pokémon from your team. Not only does it have great resistances, it has even better defenses.

When you use Registeel in PvP battles, it has a maximum CP of 2,447, an attack of 124, a defense of 237, and a stamina of 162. If you use it in PvE battles and raids, Registeel has a maximum CP of 2,766, an attack of 143, a defense of 285, and a stamina of 190. When you compare Registeel to Regirock and Regice, it has the lowest stats, but it’s still an excellent Pokémon for you to use.

You primarily want to use it in PvP battles, and when you do, make sure to keep it to the Great and Ultra Leagues. Of the two, Registeel is among the best choices in the Ultra League, but it’s still one of the top choices in the Great League. Both of these categories are good options for it to compete. If you’re fortunate to obtain two ideal Registeel Pokémon with good IVs, having one of the Great League and another for the Ultra League competitions is a good strategy.

When using it in PvP, make sure to keep Registeel as your final Pokémon. Because of its high defenses, various attack resistances, and powerful moveset, it can be tough to defeat as a final Pokémon. Registeel is also unique because it has an excellent fast move, lock on. The attack doesn’t do much damage, but it generates five energy during a fight whenever you use it, meaning Registeel can reliably use its charged moves pretty often. Its charged moves require quite a bit of energy, and the trade-off for that problem is that these attacks do a lot of damage, making them devastating.

Overall, Registeel is an excellent Pokémon for you to use in Pokémon Go. We highly recommend you go out of your way to capture this Pokémon add it to your collection. It will become a highly sought-after Pokémon by most trainers who are eager to use it in competitions and rise the ranks of the Great and Ultra Leagues.