Roots of Pacha Walkthrough: Price, Marriage, Seeds & Prophecies

Roots of Pacha will take cozy simulation fans on a new type of adventure. Here is everything to know about the release date and trailers.

Soda Den

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Roots of Pacha, an adorable cozy simulation game developed by Soda Den, has been in development for several years and finally released April 25, 2023. The adorable slice-of life sim features unique pixel graphics, farming mechanics, adorable animals, and multiple tweaks to well-loved staples seen in similar games like Stardew Valley.

Farming sim fans looking for something new will be able to evolve their towns, discover tools, and unravel the secrets of a clan exploring the lands close to home. Below is everything to know about Roots of Pacha, including it’s release date and guides to help players get started.

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Roots of Pacha Walkthrough Guides

Roots of Pacha Review Cover
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Below are all the guides currently available for Roots of Pacha. These cover important aspects of gameplay to help with the exploration of the vast lands of Pacha.

How much Does Roots of Pacha Cost?

According to the official Roots of Pacha Steam Page, the game costs $24.99 USD and is currently on sale for $22.49 USD until May 2nd, 2023.

Currently, Roots of Pacha is only available on the PC via Steam. However, the game’s original Kickstarter notes a plan for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation releases, but dates for these ports have not yet been announced.

Is there multiplayer in Roots of Pacha?

Yes, there is multiplayer functions in Roots of Pacha. The game supports co-op sessions up to Four people per game.

Co-op gameplay was part of the original vision for the game, and upon release, fans will be able to team up to explore the world and build amazing farmsteads. The multiplayer features include living together, participating in contests, sharing festivals, and going about daily life in the clan.

Is there romance in Roots of Pacha?

Players can romance a wide cast of characters in Roots of Pacha.

The romance options are LGBTQA+ inclusive, allowing fans to marry any character they like without gender limitations. This exciting feature has been included in several simulation games in recent years and makes romance all the more rewarding for fans of the genre.