Roots of Pacha – All Seeds & How to Find Them

Roots of Pacha players will need to find seeds to grow their villages. Here is everything to know about growing crops.

Roots of Pacha Every Seed and Tree

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Roots of Pacha offers players the opportunity to build and improve on their close-knit clan of villagers. Unlike similar farming sims like Stardew Valley or Story of Seasons, players won’t find their seeds at a handy market until they have located and gathered seeds in the wild areas of Pacha.

This guide is currently in progress, and new discoveries will be updated as late game is completed.

Instead, fans will have the opportunity to grow a large number of fruits, vegetables, and trees as they expand their farm and grow their village. There are different types of plants for every season, with many overlapping to offer ample growing seasons.

Here is everything to know about finding seeds, growing plants, and obtaining domesticated varieties off fruits and vegetables in Roots of Pacha.

Where to find seeds in Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha Seed Chart Tomato
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Players looking for seeds to plant in Roots of Pacha will need to explore ever area of the world map. After finding seeds, they will become available to purchase at the seed shop.

Seeds can be found growing on plants in several locations of each map. The types change depending on the location, with seeds for carrots and tomatoes appearing in the main village, while wheat and garlic can be found in the Savanna.

Players will also have the opportunity to harvest fruits from wild trees, with olives, pomegranates, almonds, and many other tasty treats respawning every few days. This offers a wealth of wild foraging early in the game. It is important to note that wild plants will only give seeds, which must be planted near the player’s home in order to be grown into crops.

How to care for seeds in Roots of Pacha

Players will have their hands full keeping their crops in this cute farming sim. After gathering up seeds, the earth in the plantable tiles of the main village map will need to be tilled. After this, seeds can be planted and water with a Water Skin or Bucket. The Water Skin is available right from the start of the game as a primary tool, while the Bucket is bought and upgraded from Acre.

It is important to get the Bucket as soon as possible, as it allows players to get water three crop plots at a time. Once I had the ability to water crops more quickly, it was much easier to make time for deeper exploration of the many maps around Pacha.

Every Seed in Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha offers players a wide variety of seeds, nuts, and fruits to grow and harvest. Below is every seed, growth time, what season to grow it in, and how much it costs to purchase.

ImageSeedLocationSeasonGrowth TimeProsperity Cost
Roots of Pacha Bean PlantBeansForestSpringGrows in 4 days (harvest every 5)20
Roots of Pacha Carrot PlantCarrotVillage/ForestSpringGrows in 4 day20
Roots of Pacha Garlic PlantGarlicSavannaSpringGrows in 4 days20
Roots of Pacha Potato PlantPotatoForestSpringGrows in 6 days20
Roots of Pacha Quinoa PlantQuinoaForestSpringGrows in 9 days20
Roots of Pacha Wheat PlantWheatSavannaSpringGrows in 5 Days20
Roots of Pacha Sea Kale PlantSea KaleBeachSpring/SummerGrows in 6 days20
Roots of Pacha Sesame PlantSesameSavannaSpring/SummerGrows in 8 days (harvest every 4)20
Roots of Pacha Tomato PlantTomatoVillageSpring/SummerGrows in 10 days (harvest every 4)20
Roots of Pacha Amaranth PlantAmaranthSavannaSummerGrows in 11 days (harvest every 4)20
Roots of Pacha EggplantEggplantVillageSummerGrows in 7 days (harvest every 3)20
Millet Roots of PachaMilletJungleSummerGrows in 6 days20
Pineapple Roots of PachaPineappleJungleSummerGrows in 18 days20
Roots of Pacha Strawberry PlantStrawberryForestSummerGrows in 6 days (harvest every 3)20
Roots of Pacha Butternut SquashButternut SquashForestSummer/FallGrows in 13 days20
Roots of Pacha Chili Pepper PlantChileSavannaSummer/FallGrows in 14 days (harvest every 3)20
Roots of Pacha GarbanzoGarbanzoSavannaSummer/FallGrows in 8 days (harvest every 6)20
Roots of Pacha SunflowerSunflowerSavannaSummer/FallGrows in 5 days20
Roots of Pacha Potato PlantSweet PotatoForestSummer/FallGrows in 7 days20
Roots of Pacha PumpkinPumpkinVillageFallGrows in 15 days20
Roots of Pacha BuckwheatBuckwheatSavannaFallGrows in 6 days20
Roots of Pacha CabbageCabbageForestFallGrows in 7 Days20
TBACassavaTBAFallGrows in 6 days20
Roots of Pacha CornCornSavannaFallGrows in 9 days20
Roots of Pacha FennelFennelForestFallGrows in 7 days20
Roots of Pacha OnionOnionForestFallGrows in 7 days (harvest every 4)20
Prickly_Pear Roots of PachaPrickly PearBeachFallGrows in 9 days (harvest every 3)20
Roots of Pacha Winter PeasWinter PeasSavannaWinterGrows in 12 days (harvest every 2)20
Roots of Pacha LettuceLettuceVillageWinterGrows in 4 days20
Roots of Pacha BroccoliBroccoliForestWinterGrows in 9 days20
Roots of Pacha KohlrabiKohlrabiForestWinterGrows in 5 days20
Roots of Pacha OatsOatsSavannaWinterGrows in 6 days20
Roots of Pacha BeetsBeetsSavannaWinterGrows in 6 days20

Every Type of Tree in Roots of Pacha

Here is every type of Tree that grows in Pacha, and what type of fruit or nut it produces.

Tree TypeLocationFruit
Date PalmBeachDates

How to domesticate plants in Roots of Pacha

All plants start out giving “wild” crops instead of standard produce. However, to domesticate a wild crop in Roots of Pacha, players only need to continuously care for the growing plants to obtain the hardier variety.

This can take a bit of time, especially for crops that only offer a one-harvest yield. But the effort pays off, as the domesticated produce offers more stamina, and can be exchanged for higher prosperity when donated to the clan.