Is Roserade good in Pokémon Go?

Do you want to invest in this Pokémon?

Image via Niantic

Roserade is one of the many Pokémon you have the chance to capture and use in Pokémon Go. It has a diverse series of stats, much like the other choices, meaning it has its strengths and weaknesses. For those who want to find out if the Pokémon is worth your time, you have to figure out what moves it can learn and what Pokémon teams to use with it.

Roserade is a Grass and Poison-type Pokémon. It’s going to be weak against Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic-type moves, but it will resist Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, and Water-type attacks. For PvP, Roserade has a maximum CP of 2,971, an attack of 203, a defense of 158, and a stamina of 134. For PvE, it has an attack of 243, a defense of 185, and a stamina of 155. While it may not have the best health in PvP or PvE, Roserade is still an effective Pokémon, but you have to be careful with it.

We’ve already listed out the best moveset for Roserade. It consists of the fast move bullet seed, and the charged moves grass knot and weather ball (Fire-type). With this build, Roserade can take down powerful Master League Pokémon, such as Mamoswine, Kyogre, Metagross, Swampert, and even Groudon. However, it has many weaknesses, and it can be brought down by even more of them, such as Zapdos, Zekrom, Mewtwo, Melmetal, Dragonite, Lugia, and several more. You don’t want Roserade to be your first Pokémon in battle, but by having it in the back of your group, you can use it against your opponent at the right time, and against the correct Pokémon, and beat them. We highly recommend you give Roserade XL candy if you plan to use it in the Master League.

The same goes for the Ultra League, except you don’t need the XL candy to give it a proper boost. It’ll have to remain under 2,500 CP, and even then, it can battle against a variety of Pokémon.

For PvE raids, again, Roserade is a strategic choice. You don’t want to pit it against a Fire or Flying-type Pokémon. But if you were to use it against a Ground, Rock, or a Water-type Pokémon, it’d be beneficial, and it has plenty of attack power to do some serious damage.

Overall, Roserade is a worthwhile choice, but you have to be creative with how you build your Pokémon team. You don’t want to rely on Roserade to pull your entire team ahead or to victory, but having it as an ace up your sleeve is something that your opponent would never expect.