Is SD Gundam Battle Alliance cross platform/crossplay? Answered

Can you play with friends on other platforms?

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The latest game in the world-famous Gundam series is out now, and gamers all over can try out the title with online multiplayer. SD Gundam Battle Alliance allows up to three players to join a mission, and the game is currently out for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. However, will you be able to play with friends on the Xbox if you’re playing the game on the Switch? Does the game support cross-platform/crossplay? Let’s take a look.

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Is crossplay available in SD Gundam Battle Alliance?

Screenshot via Gamepur

At this time, it appears that crossplay is only available between platforms in the same console family. That means players with PlayStation consoles can play together with the game’s online multiplayer. The kind of PlayStation console does not matter; a player with a copy of the game on the PS4 can play online with a player on the PS5. Versions of SD Gundam Battle Alliance on the Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X also support crossplay with each other. However, you will not be able to play with a friend who has a copy of the game on the Xbox or Switch if you only have the game on the PlayStation.

Battle Alliance is the latest iteration of the SD Gundam video games. The aesthetic of the SD Gundam games is based on the SD Gundam model kits, which are chibi-sized kits meant for younger fans. The games are a mixture of third-person shooter and third-person action. Missions in the games tend to be short, making the games ideal in short bursts. The games are also not extremely difficult, making them good entry points for younger or inexperienced Gundam fans. The last few SD Gundam games got localizations for the west, yet they never get dubbed. The games are spoken only in Japanese. Battle Alliance contains a wide range of Gundams and mobile suits from the animes, even though some shows got more love than others.