Is Serperior good in Pokémon Go?

Serperior is ready to fight.

Image via Niantic

There are several well-known Grass-types that players will consistently use in Pokémon Go. One of them is Venusaur, who makes regular appearances in the Great and Ultra Leagues. Then you have Abomasnow, who has become a powerful Ultra League Pokémon. Abomasnow has received even more praise following the addition of XL candy and becoming a shadow Pokémon. A new Grass-type for players to consider using in Pokémon Go is Serperior, and it all happens following its Community Day and the new move it can learn: frenzy plant.

Serperior is a Grass-type Pokémon. It will be weak against Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison-type attacks, but it’s resistant against Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water-type. While Serperior has a good advantage when battling against Electric and Water-types, it will always struggle against Bug, Fire, and Ice-types that show up in the Ultra League. What is nice is that Serperior can tackle against the several Electric and Grass-types that show up to battle against the ever-growing meta of Water-type Pokémon that continue to dominant the Ultra League. While it is a situational Pokémon because it is only a Grass-type, it’s exactly what you need for the Ultra League.

When it comes to PvP, Serperior has a maximum CP of 2,227, an attack of 139, a defense of 173, and a stamina of 154. If you’re using Serperior for PvE battles and raids, it has an attack of 161, a defense of 204, and a stamina of 181. When you give Serperior XL candy, its maximum CP for PvP goes up to 2,574, has an attack of 147, a defense of 184, and a stamina of 164. You want to make sure to not go beyond the 2,500 CP cap for the Ultra League, ensuring Serperior remains just under it. Even then, it becomes a much more noteworthy Pokémon, but only because of its new moveset.

Following Serperior’s Community Day, it now has access to the exclusive charged moves frenzy plant. Frenzy plant has a superb reputation of giving added boosts to many Grass-type Pokémon, Venusaur included. The charged move gives Serperior the chance to become an alternative option to many Grass-types. However, it remains a Pokémon that is slightly lower than others, but it gives players a new option to consider for the Ultra League.

When it comes to PvE and raids, it’s an inferior Grass-type. There are better choices for you to use, that would not require any XL candy to achieve. You’re better off keeping Serperior to the Great and Ultra Leagues. The best moveset for Serperior to learn will be vine whip for it’s fast move, and frenzy plant and aerial ace for it’s charged moves.

Overall, Serperior has become a much better Pokémon. Frenzy plant gives it a lot more potential, and by powering it up with XL candy for the Ultra League, you can dominate in this category. But it’s still a noteworthy Pokémon for you to use in the Great League, too.