Is shadow Aggron good in Pokémon Go?

Is it worth your time?

Image via Niantic

There are several shadow Pokémon you can capture in Pokémon Go. If you want to capture them, you need to encounter the Team Rocket grunts that have taken over Poké Stops, or fight them when they appear in their Team Rocket balloon. Each grunt you battle will have a distinct type of Pokémon in their roster, and by defeating that grunt, you earn one of their shadow Pokémon, allowing you to keep it. The big appeal to shadow Pokémon is their attack stats increase, but their defenses decrease. One of the Pokémon you capture is Aron, and it evolves into a shadow Aggron. Is the shadow version of Aggron better than the regular, and is it worth your time?

Aggron is a Steel and Rock-type Pokémon. It’s weak to Fighting, Ground, and Water-type moves, but it’s resistant to Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, and Rock-type moves. For PvP, it has a maximum CP of 3,000, an attack of 168, an attack of 214, and a stamina of 147. For PvE, it has an attack of 198, a defense of 257, and a stamina of 172. For shadow Aggron, in PvP, its attack increases to 202, and its defense goes down to 179.

While Aggron has lower stamina that many would like to use when battling other players, as a shadow Pokémon, it’s the ideal exchange. Aggron has quite a bit of defense, and it can stand to lower it, increasing its slightly lower attack, giving it a significant boost. What’s even better is that it has various resistances, capable of having half of the attacks in the game being non-effective to it, with only three weaknesses.

You can expect to use shadow Aggron fairly decently in the Battle League, and it’s a suitable choice for the Master League. While it’s not an outright heavyweight or capable of being in the top ten, it’s a respectable choice for any trainer looking to break it into the Master League. It’ll be able to fight against Ho-Oh, Dragonite, Lugia, Zapdos, and Togekiss, the last one being a popular choice for multiple trainers. You can pair it up with Groudon, Gardevoir, Mewtwo, Machamp, Zapdos, Thundurus, and several others.

When you’re not battling it out against trainers in the Master League, you can take it on raids. It’ll be able to do some good damage to a variety of five-star raids, and because of its array of weaknesses, you can expect it to withstand plenty of legendary Pokémon.