Is Shadow Registeel good and how to best use it in Pokémon Go

What makes the shadow Registeel special?

Image via Niantic

Shadow Registeel will be available in Pokémon Go. In this form, this Registeel will have an increased stat increase, decreasing its overall defenses. You might be wondering if this type of Registeel is going to be as worthwhile as the standard, considered one of the stronger legendary Pokémon players can use in the Great and Ultra Leagues. Here’s what you need to know about if shadow Registeel is good and how to best use it in Pokémon Go.

How to best use shadow Registeel in Pokémon Go

Shadow Registeel has the same maximum stats as the standard version. The only difference is that it has a 20% increase in its attack power and a 20% decrease in its defense power. Given the maximum stats for Registeel, where it has a significantly higher attack power than its defense, this is the not best balancing act for this Pokémon. Registeel heavily relies on having a massive amount of defense, and if this goes down in any way, its overall significance begins to deteriorate.

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Because Registeel loses much of its bulk when it becomes a shadow version, we still encourage players to use it as a defensive Pokémon. That means making it the final Pokémon in your line-up against your opponent. While it has slightly lower defenses, it’s only weak to a handful of Pokémon attacks, namely on Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type moves. It has even more resistance, making it a difficult Pokémon to plan around.

To optimize shadow Registeel, make sure you have the best moveset. You need to teach it Lock On for its fast move and then Zap Cannon and Focus Blast for its charged attacks.

Is shadow Registeel good in Pokémon Go?

Although shadow Registeel is a decent choice, we still strongly recommend players stick with the standard Registeel. It’s a superior option to the shadow version, given it has access to all of its defensive power, and it becomes a powerhouse as a Closer Pokémon. It can easily overwhelm Pokémon in the Great and Ultra Leagues when it’s the final Pokémon in your line-up, so long as you prepare for it to have low fast move pressure. All of its power comes from its defenses and charged attacks.