Is shadow Sealeo good in Pokémon Go?

Don’t evolve it.

Image via Niantic

Not all Pokémon are the same in Pokémon Go. They vary from each other, each with unique stats, the type of Pokémon they are, and the movesets they can learn. A Pokémon can have a great moveset, but it might lack in stats to execute it. The same is said for the stats, where it might have a great attack, poor defense, and an even worse moveset. The solution is to find a balance. A way to find a better balance is to capture a Pokémon, where it has increased attack and lowered defense than its original form. A Pokémon some may consider using is Sealeo, and there is a shadow one available.

Sealeo is an Ice and Water-type Pokémon. It’s the second evolved form of Spheal. It’s weak to Electric, Fighting, Grass, and Rock-type moves, but it’s resistant to Ice and Water-type attacks. It has more weaknesses than it does resistances, which is never a good sign. For PvP, Sealeo has a maximum CP of 1,714, an attack of 120, a defense of 116, and a stamina of 175. For PvE, it has an attack of 137, a defense of 132, and a stamina of 207. As a shadow Pokémon, for PvP, its attack increases to 144, and its defenses go down to 96. Finally, in its shadow form for PvE, its attack increases to 161, and its defenses go down to 112.

Because of its lower CP, you want to keep Sealeo competing in the Great League. At this rank, you want Sealeo to be at a maximum CP of 1,497, which gives it an attack of 110, a defense of 110, and a stamina of 168. In its shadow form, Sealeo has an attack of 132 and a defense of 91. If you keep it at this rank, Sealeo can compete against various Pokémon, and best of all. It’ll be a better option than its regular form. A shadow Sealeo can do some significant damage, and it has quite a bit of health to battle against a variety of Pokémon.

Sealeo’s biggest weaknesses will be against Galarian Stunfisk, Machoke, Bastiodon, Regirock, a low CP Tyranitar, Probopass, Registeel, and several other low-level legendary Pokémon. You always want to be careful regarding Grass, Electric, and Steel-type Pokéon. You have to be careful when using Sealeo, but you can do some serious damage in the Great League with a worthwhile team.

You want to focus on keeping Sealeo at this evolved form, and you do not want to evolve it into Walrein. If you do that, the Pokémon is no longer useful, and it can’t compete in the Ultra or Master League, especially as a shadow Pokémon. When you capture a shadow Spheal, your best bet is to keep at Sealeo. There are better Water and Ice-type Pokémon you can use in the Great League, but this is an excellent budget Pokémon, and a lot of players have a build-up of Spheal candy ready to power up Sealeo.