Is Smite cross play between PC and console?

SMITE Splash screen

The MOBA SMITE, the Battleground of the Gods, is free-to-play and available on all major consoles and PC, allowing you to take on the MOBA experience that players expect from games like League of Legends, but in a third-person view that makes the game incredibly console friendly. Controller ability inputs make the game easy to get into, and its availability on Switch also means that you can take it on the go.

The game’s pricing set up is also very generous, with the option for players to pay a one-off fee to unlock all current and future Gods for you to play. Free Gods to play are rotated regularly, and there is one of each that is accessible to everybody. Everything else that can be bought in-game with microtransactions is purely cosmetic, with recent battle pass additions to add even more opportunities to add to the collection of silly and awesome skins.

However, with so many platforms that the game runs on, does that game have support for cross-play?

The good news is that yes, SMITE does feature cross-play across all of their major platforms, including both consoles and PC. The decision is almost sure to avoid leaving any platforms with shortfalls of players to fight against, while the third person nature of the game also means that any potential advantage that PC gamers can have with a keyboard and mouse is limited to a degree.

If you feel that you’d rather only play within your platform, however, there is the option to turn off cross-play. It is available in the User Interface options within the settings menu. Turning off cross-play might be a good option for newer players to start with so that they can improve their play until they are ready to take on players of all platforms, or if they want to join their friends who are playing on other platforms and play together.