Is SnowRunner cross platform?

Should your friends use their favorite platform to play the game?

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Image via Saber Interactive

SnowRunner is a sandbox world where you can take vehicles offroading and put them to the test in a wild environment. The physics in the game creates a hyper-realistic experience, giving players the chance to explore beautiful environments while driving some of the best vehicles. A big question some have reached out to developers Saber Interactive about is if they can expect to have a cross platform experience, and does it have any amount of multiplayer?

First off, yes, SnowRunner does have a multiplayer. If you and a friend purchase it on a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a PC, the two of you can hop into your favorite vehicles and explore the environment together. You can have up to parties made up of four players to traverse through the game, attempting to survive the harsh weather.

While multiplayer is in the game, don’t expect to purchase it on separate platforms from your friends. Saber has confirmed they do not have any plans for a cross platform experience for SnowRunner. To help ensure players did not have their hopes up for too long, the developer also confirmed it had no plans to make the cross platform a reliable concept in the future.

If you want to purchase it to play with your friends, your group will need to coordinate with one another to ensure you all purchase it on a preferred platform. Those who have consoles should not have too much trouble trying to compile a group together, but those purchasing on a PC will need to buy it from the Epic Games Store.