Is Sports Story a sequel to Golf Story? Answered

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While the Nintendo Switch is best known for its first-party offerings, it is also home to all kinds of popular indie games. It has been that way essentially since the console’s launch, with all kinds of smaller games filling up the eShop. If you played in the early days, you might have come across an interesting RPG called Golf Story. Fast forward some years, and now there is a game on Switch called Sports Story. Is Sports Story a sequel to Golf Story?

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Is Sports Story a sequel to Golf Story?

Sports Story is indeed a sequel to Golf Story in the fact that it is developed by the same company, Sidebar Games, and is a follow-up title that expands on the former title. The difference between the two is that Sports Story has multiple sports you play to get through its RPG adventure, not just golf. Alongside the golf gameplay, there is also tennis, fishing, soccer, and more. You play these sports to get through various dungeons, ruins, and other typical RPG challenges.

Sports Story also picks up after Golf Story in the story. It features the same protagonist as he travels the world and broadens his horizons from a sports sense. He will use those skills to overcome various challenges when he encounters new allies and enemies on his journey. Often, those sports become intertwined. You may see yourself swinging a baseball bat on a tennis court or bicycle kicking a volleyball serve.

In short, yes, Sports Story is a sequel to Golf Story in just about any sense that you can think of. Unlike Soccer Story, which is a completely separate entity with a similar idea, Sports Story is made by the same talent that brought the original Nintendo Switch exclusive to life.