Is Stain good, and how to best use him in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Is Stain worth adding to your roster?

Image via Sony Pictures

When it comes to picking out a new hero and character to play in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, the community is pretty divided on that issue, and for a good reason. Many developers broke the trust of the players when Endeavor was released in June. Endeavor came with a handful of heavy modifications that greatly nerfed him upon his release, making him far different than his original build. With the release of Stain, players are much wearier about if they should roll on his banner or not and if he’s even good. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like the developers have modified Stain, which means Stain is a pretty solid character to add to your roster.

Stain is a heavy melee character who prefers to remain as close as possible to his target. It’s a huge benefit to him boxing against his foe, but it’s also his downfall. If he doesn’t have his dash up, and he’s unable to close the distance between him and whomever he’s fighting against, the opponent can keep him at ranged, stalling whatever attacks he’s capable of dishing out. Only a handful of characters can keep him subdued, but a majority of heroes are going to have to fight him up close due to their basic attacks and limited abilities, making him a decent choice for PvP.

When it comes to PvE, Stain also shines while you control him against any AI fighters. He’s fully capable of clearing most battles because of his close-range combat skills. With only one ranged attack, he can use it frequently enough to boost him, but it’s not as vital as in PvP, where it becomes a matter of winning or losing against a trainer opponent.

When using Stain for the Super Co-Op Battles, we recommend placing him in the front row. You want to pair him up with someone who also benefits from an attack boost, someone like All Might would be extremely good, or having these two battle simultaneously would also serve you well. The more attack power Stain can receive, the more his overall passives and abilities will benefit, especially as he becomes stronger and you level him up. Many of his passives increase his overall attack power and basic attack speed, and doubling down on this makes him an even stronger combatant for your team.

For PvP, we’ve found quite a bit of success in having Stain in the second or third role for our roster. During battles, we were able to swap him in with our first hero while they were in the middle of a combo, making sure Stain had to cover zero distance against his opponent, and he was able to keep them cornered the entire time. We tried using him in the first role, and he was decent with his dash, but if he misses it, he’s going to struggle for the remainder of the fight. Because of how predictable this attack is, it’s almost expected, and most experienced players are prepared for it.

Overall, we believe Stain is a worthwhile banner to roll for and encourage players to hunt after them with their event tickets. So far, the developers have not made any current changes or modifications to him from his original build upon the first day of release.