Is Starfield Multiplayer? Can You Play Bethesda’s Space RPG With Friends

Can you take to the stairs with your friends? this guide has the answer for you.


Image via Bethesda

Starfield is going to be a massive game that will take players a very long time to explore. For some players, exploring and enjoying a game like Starfield with a friend is more fun, but does Starfield have multiplayer at release?

In this guide, we’ll answer that question for you so you know if you can enjoy the vast galaxy of Starfield with your friends and family.

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Will Starfield have Multiplayer?

Image via Bethesda

Like most other Bethesda titles, Starfield will not have any multiplayer capabilities, meaning there will be no co-op play to enjoy the games with friends or PvP options for players to duke it out together.

Todd Howard confirmed this in 2020 during an interview at Develop: Brighton, but there could still be hope for multiplayer in the future.

Could We See Starfield Get Multiplayer in the Future?

Image via Bethesda

For one, the team may add some form of multiplayer in the future, though they have not commented or indicated that this could happen. Additionally, we could look to the modding scene, as previous Bethesda titles have seen multiplayer mods pop up in various forms, and given the size and scale of the community around Bethesda titles, we can imagine some are getting ready to begin work on mods like this.

Starfield is already a massive game and one far more ambitious than previous Bethesda titles, so we imagine if modders were to try and tackle this, it would take a long time to do so. With that said, they are a hardy bunch, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for any news or updates on this topic.

While this may be disappointing to some fans, it is also to be expected. Bethesda has rarely dabbled with online gaming, with their online offerings, Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online, primarily handled by Zenimax. That said, Todd made clear in the same Develop interview that they “wouldn’t rule it out in the future” when discussing future projects and multiplayer.

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For now, players will just need to enjoy the game on their own, but given how massive it seems to be and the amount of content to do, it’s not likely to get boring anytime soon. With potential expansions and modding on the way, it’s going to keep players busy for a very long time.