Is the EA App down? How to check EA App server status

Are the EA servers having trouble, or is the problem on your side?

Image via EA

Every so often, the servers for EA don’t work properly, preventing you from jumping into your favorite game. Many of these games require you to be online and connected to the EA servers. If you’re having trouble connecting to any EA games, but your internet is fine, it might have something to do with the EA servers, especially when using the EA App. Here’s what you need to know about how to check if the EA App servers are down and their server status.

What is the EA App server status?

You can readily check the EA App server status by heading over to the Downdetector website. Although it doesn’t provide you with immediate updates, it gives you a good idea if other people attempting to connect to this server are experiencing issues. It’s a third-party system, so you won’t be able to check out any developer updates, but it does provide a decent idea if the problem is widespread or not for the app.

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For those who want a more informative update, the EA Help Twitter page can provide assistance. You can check them out on Twitter, and the team there typically provides more frequent updates whenever there’s an issue with these servers. Similar to the Downdetctor website, the team here will share if the problem is widespread or not, giving you a better idea if this is happening to you or if it’s happening for all players attempting to use EA products.

Unfortunately, when this happens, there’s little you can do on your side. The best thing to do is to watch the EA Forums and the EA Help Twitter Page to see when the servers will be more stable. You might need to step back from your favorite game and play something else while waiting for this to wrap up.