Is The Gunk multiplayer? Answered

Xbox is known for multiplayer exclusives; does this follow that trend?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Xbox’s latest console exclusive The Gunk invites players to explore its gorgeous alien world, but can you do so with your friends? We have that answered for you.

Plenty of crafting games on the market allow for local and online co-op, but in this case, The Gunk is strictly a single-player game. Instead, the developer Image & Form focused on a narrative adventure through a mysterious planet. As you play the game, you’ll need to remove a dark substance called the gunk that has corrupted the world and learn what happened in the past.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Gunk is a mixture of a puzzle and crafting game. You suck up materials with your power glove and use them to gain upgrades for the protagonist Rani. An example would include the Pulse Cannon, which fires a charge to unlock doors. The game also encourages you to scan objects in the world, netting you more available upgrades throughout your adventure.

Furthermore, the story revolves around Rani and Beck, who are searching for energy resources in the world to help them financially. Beck is the more serious of the two, while Rani loves to check out new scenery and wildlife. The happy-go-lucky soul and the pessimist counterbalance each other perfectly to make a compelling back and forth.

Yes, there isn’t a multiplayer component, but The Gunk’s single-player content is well worth your time.

Disclosure: The writer was provided with a game code for guide purposes.