Is The Last of Us Part I on PC? Release date info

Can you honestly wait that long?

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The Last of Us franchise has taken the world by storm, and the team at Naughty Dog have wasted no time in riding the hype train all the way to the bank. While the series has been around since its initial PlayStation 3 release back in 2013, it has seen several improved iterations, a sequel, and even a television show in the time since. Naughty Dog promised fans that The Last of Us Part I, the remake of the classic game, will arrive on PC on March 28 after announcing a small delay for polish.

What is the release date of The Last of Us Part I on PC?

The Last of Us Part I has been out on PlayStation 5 since September 2022. The game is a complete remake from the ground up of the original The Last of Us, complete with graphical fidelity above that of The Last of Us Part II thanks to the PlayStation 5.

While the game was originally set for a launch date of March 3, 2023, Naughty Dog has since announced a delay to March 28 in order to make sure the game is as polished as possible for new fans looking to dive into this world. Players who pre-order the game on Steam will receive bonus supplements and weapon parts for use in the game.

The Last of Us series has seen newfound popularity due to the acclaimed HBO television show. The nine episode run is set to complete with the airing of its season finale on Sunday, March 12. This delay will conveniently also place the PC release date after the ending to the show’s first season wraps up. While delays are never ideal, this new launch date does let fans experience the entire story from the show before diving into the game.

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Players can then decide for themselves if they want to dive into The Last of Us Part II before the television show releases season two. The sequel still has no announced release for PC, so fans looking to experience it must own either a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.