Is the PlayStation Network down right now? – “Playstation Network is undergoing maintenance” error

Lots of people are having troubles.

PlayStation Network

If you have been trying to get onto the PlayStation Network, you might be running into some issues and may be wondering if the PSN is down right now. People are getting a range of error messages, but if we take a look at the service status page, we can see that all services appear to be up and running right now.

All the different services provided by Sony appear to be up and running just fine, but they do have a disclaimer message on the page as well, which advises that you may experience slower than usual service because of Sony as working with ISPs to manage download traffic. The reason for this is the ongoing global pandemic, which has driven up home internet use.

There are far more people online at most times of the day that there were before the pandemic began, and ISPs say that they need to manage ho much information is being sent over their networks.

A quick scan of social media does show a lot of people having trouble right now, so it is possible that an issue has occurred and the status page hasn’t been updated yet, but a quick scout of the Gamepur staff shows plenty of people are able to log on, so it might be an issue that is limited to a small percentage of the user base, which is still a lot of people, admittedly.

We will be keeping an eye on this issue, and will keep you up to date if Sony announces that they are experience issues. If you continue to have connection issues, we would advise you to visit the PlayStation Fix & Connect portion of the PlayStation Support website.