Is the Splinter Cell remake open world?

The title is sticking to the series’ roots.

Image via Ubisoft

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Years after the release of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Ubisoft has announced that a remake of the first Splinter Cell is in development. Rumors of a new Splinter Cell have been around for a while, with the most recent claim before the game’s announcement being that the new game would feature an open world similar to Halo Infinite’s. As the game is still a way out, not much was revealed about its content during its announcement, but the Game Producer Matt West did address the game’s structure in an interview accompanying the announcement. 

While certain parts of the game will be updated, West stated that the remake would follow a linear structure, similar to the one present in the original games. To further dispel any rumors of an open-world structure, West further stated that the team will “not make [Splinter Cell] open world.”

By “original games,” West is likely referring to the initial four games in the Splinter Cell series: Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory, and Double Agent. It remains to be seen which of these games the remake’s structure most resembles. While all of these games are relatively linear, the latter games, beginning with Chaos Theory, had far larger levels featuring multiple paths for players to take in accomplishing their objectives. The two games that followed Double Agent — Conviction and Blacklist — were more linear and action-based than the previous titles.