Is there a Slayer only playlist in Halo Infinite?

Slay queen, slay.

Image via Halo YouTube

Halo Infinite’s surprise early multiplayer launch was a much-welcomed addition to the slate of games in November. Fans that didn’t get a chance to jump into the early tests for the multiplayer have been waiting quite a while for the next Halo to grace them with its presence, and it’s finally here for everyone. That being said, early matchmaking has raised quite a big question for some. Is there a Slayer only playlist in the game?

Unfortunately for anyone looking just to play basic Slayer in Halo Infinite, there is no matchmaking playlist during the beta that lets you play only that mode. When you get to the main menu, there are four options: Bot Bootcamp, Quick Play, Big Team Battle, and Ranked Arena. These modes include Slayer in them but also have additional modes in the mix like Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball.

While there is no basic matchmaking Slayer playlist yet, you can set up custom games if that is all you want to play. Go to Custom Game on the main menu and change the mode to Arena: FFA Slayer, Arena: Slayer, or BTB: Slayer. After that, look through the rest of the settings and set your game up. Unfortunately, you can only do this with friends and invited people, so no matchmaking functionality for this yet.

While it may be disappointing that there is no Slayer playlist in Halo Infinite yet, we expect it to come in the future. The multiplayer is currently in beta, so playlists could expand once the full game releases in December.