Is there an end to Don’t Starve?

When does it end?!

Image via Klei

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Don’t Starve is a procedurally generated survival game marketed as brutal and uncompromising. Its world is filled with mysteries, monsters, and colourful characters, but is there a method to this madness? Is there a plot going on in the background, and is there an end to Don’t Starve?

Yes, there is an end to Don’t Starve, but only if you go searching for it. There are two separate modes in the single-player version of Don’t Starve, sandbox mode, which is endless, and adventure mode. Adventure mode has an end and gives you context as to what is happening in the world of Don’t Starve.

In single-player, you will always start in sandbox mode, which will go on for an infinite number of days. If you wish for there to be an end and fancy taking a crack at adventure mode, all you have to do is find Maxwell’s Door. This doorway is randomly spawned anywhere in the world but can be found using the divining rod, which can be crafted using one twig, four nightmare fuel, and a single gear. Be careful, though, as you cannot bring any of your items or learned recipes into Adventure mode.

Image via Klei Entertainment

Adventure mode consists of five randomly generated challenges that the player will have the overcome. These challenges are things like rapidly changing seasons, the world is divided into islands via wormholes, or a world enveloped in darkness. In each chapter, you’ll need to find all four pieces of the Wooden Thing, which is actually just a teleporter, to help you get to the next world. Once you get through five chapters and complete the epilogue, your adventure will be over, and you’ll start anew.

There is an end to Don’t Starve; it’s just tricky to find and will test your survival skills and knowledge of the game. It may take you a few tries, but the end is always in sight.