How to make an icebox in Don’t Starve

Is your refrigerator running?

Image via Klei

Since it’s called Don’t Starve, it is a surprise to no one that one of your primary objectives in the game is to have constant sources of food. The thing with food though, is that it will eventually spoil and turn into rot. Luckily there is a method to slow your food spoilage and keep it for more extended periods. What you’ll need is a handy dandy icebox.

Depending on your luck, iceboxes might be one of the last structures you build for your base; this is because they require gears to make. Gears are a scarce resource that can only be found by defeating clockwork enemies, digging them up from graves, and are rarely found in tumbleweeds. Although gears are hard to come by, you only need one to craft an icebox.

If you find clockwork enemies such as the clockwork knight, bishop or rook, make sure you have at least log armour, a spear or ham bat, and a football helmet. Take them on one by one or else they will gang up on you and easily defeat you. The clockwork rook can deal a lot of damage so watch for it especially.

Image via Don’t Starve wiki

The other two resources required are gold nuggets and stone blocks. Gold is found in rock with gold veins common in rockyland biomes. They’re also all over the ground in graveyards, so if you find a place where the dead sleep, just run around and pick up the gold. If you find the pig king, you can trade him meat for gold, making it an unlimited resource.

Stone blocks are made by refining three stones. All you’ll need is a science machine and to mine some rocks, and you’ll be on your way. Crafting the icebox requires an alchemy machine which you will most likely have by the time you’re making your fridge.

Iceboxes are one of the most important things you can build in your base due to how they allow you to keep mass amounts of food for more extended periods. They slow spoilage by fifty percent, and when your individual food items start to go bad, you can cook them in a crockpot to make better food that will last even longer. Try to find the materials needed to make a fridge and build more than one so you can keep even more food.