Is there multiplayer in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Can I form a DeadSec squad with my friends?

Is there multiplayer in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Image via Ubisoft

It won’t be long until we all become cockneys thanks to Watch Dogs: Legon. The next entry in Ubisoft’s third-person action-adventure series is out on Oct. 29, and the London-based game looks like it’ll be full of numerous fun ways to reclaim the streets from the villainous Albion.

Whilst it’s a laugh to take down your foes single-handedly, things are always better with friends along for the ride. That’s why many fans wonder if Watch Dogs: Legion will have multiplayer or co-op functionality when it launches later this year.

The answer is yes, Watch Dogs: Legion will support multiplayer — but there’s a catch. The official website reveals that you can team up with your buddies to take down Albion, with two to four-player co-op supported.

However, you won’t be able to play multiplayer locally. Clicking on the Watch Dogs: Legion ‘Game Info‘ section of the menu bar shows that online co-op will be the only multiplayer mode supported from launch day. That means that you and up to three friends can’t pile round to someone’s house and play it in couch co-op mode. As such, you’ll need a stable internet connection to game with your friends.

Watch Dogs: Legion‘s multiplayer functionality has plenty to offer by the sounds of things, though. New missions and endgame content will be available if you squad up, so it looks as if it’ll be worth forming your own four-person DeadSec team and eradicating Albion from London.