Is Tower of Fantasy pay to win? Answered

How badly is Tower of Fantasy trying to drain your wallet?

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Every single time a new free-to-play game is released, the first question everyone asks is, “But is it pay to win?” That question remains for Hotta Studio’s new open-world MMO Tower of Fantasy. We’re here to break down every question about monetization, drop rates, and the drip feed of in-game currency.

Does Tower of Fantasy has pay to win mechanics? How the game’s gacha pulls

Like most mobile-first titles on the market today, Tower of Fantasy uses the popular ’10 pull’ system. Every 10 pulls, you set at least an SR-ranked character, although you always have the tiny chance to pull a much more coveted SSR character. One nice thing Tower of Fantasy includes is a pity system that guarantees an SSR after 80 pulls and doesn’t reset when you pull an SSR. So, at least in that respect, Tower of Fantasy is being generous. Here’s a full breakdown of all the specific types of summons in Tower of Fantasy.

How Dark Crystals and Tanium currency works in Tower of Fantasy

Dark crystals are the freemium currency for the game. These will be given out as you level up, log in, complete story missions, and even as compensation for downtime. Taniim is a bonus currency you can only get by spending real money and is used to buy higher-tier package items. Here is a look at the real money prices.

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An individual pull for any Special Order in Tower of Fantasy is 150 Dark Crystals. That means 1500 crystals is one 10 pull, and that means that you need 12,000 dark crystals to satisfy the 80 pull requirement to guarantee an SSR. While you can get lucky and pull an SSR in 20 or 30 pulls, if you’re looking for guaranteed returns, you’re either going to have to be very patient or shell out quite a bit of money, as the in-game activities will only get you enough currency for about half of that. It’s made worse by the fact that weapons can’t be upgraded unless you pull that specific weapon again, and in order to make sure you pull an upgradeable SR weapon, you need to wait on a 10 pull. While it’s true that you don’t need the SSR characters to complete content, Tower of Fantasy is asking a whole lot of you to obtain them.