Tower of Fantasy players will receive free Dark Crystals in the wake of server issues

Early adopters can get some Gold Nuclei too.

Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy is now live for everyone — in theory. Connection issues have been plaguing the game on launch day, with “disconnected from server” and “server under maintenance” errors cropping up for many players. Developer Hotta Studio is looking to make good on those problems by offering players some freebies.

In a letter to players on the game’s official website, the studio acknowledged these issues but pointed out that most have been addressed at this point. “At present, the problems related to queuing, disconnection, and inability to register and login have all been fixed,” the letter reads. “Other problems will be fixed within the next 48 hours.” Even so, players will be receiving some free resources as an apology for the trouble they encountered.

If you register for the game by the end of the day (UTC) on Thursday, August 11, you’ll receive 600 Dark Crystals. The letter explains that 300 are an apology for server errors, and the other 300 are an apology for login and account registration issues. These will be sent to qualifying players’ mailboxes “within 24 hours” of Hotta’s notice. Furthermore, anyone who registers by midnight UTC on Wednesday, August 17 will get a bonus of 10 Gold Nuclei. That means you have nearly a full week to register and get the gold from launch day.

This isn’t the first time Tower of Fantasy players have received freebies, thought the last batch was a promotion rather than a make-good. Pre-registering for the game qualified folks for some bonuses that can be claimed now that the full game is out. It’s available to play on PC, iOS, and Android; no console release is planned at this time though.

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