How Tower of Fantasy’s gacha system works – Special orders, rates, odds, and more

I love me some gacha games.

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While games may advertise themselves as free-to-play, the developer has to make money somehow. Gachas are a popular system where users can use in-game currency to roll for characters or cards. If you’ve played Genshin Impact or any mobile idol game like Ensemble Stars!, you’ll know how gachas work. Following in the steps of those popular titles, Tower of Fantasy has a gacha system in it. So, if you’re new to gachas, here’s everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy’s gacha system before you start pulling.

What are Special Orders in Tower of Fantasy? Tower of Fantasy’s gacha system explained

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In Tower of Fantasy, the gacha rolls are “Special Orders.” After finishing the Ecological Station Intruders Mission, you’ll unlock the gacha portion of the game. Like other gacha games, Tower of Fantasy offers multiple banners for you to roll from. There will be the Standard Banner, which is available all the time. Then, there will be special banners such as a character gets an increased rate of dropping or there is a special character that will only be available for a limited amount of time. Each banner will use a different type of in-game currency. The different currencies used for Special Orders are:

  • Black Nucleus: Used for Special Orders. You can either purchase these or find them throughout the world. Can also be obtained from the game’s Pass System.
  • Gold Nucleus: Used for Gold Nucleus Special Orders. These can be obtained from Bounty Missions, Exploring, completing the story, from Clotho Supply Pods, or by purchasing them from the story. Also can be obtained from the game’s pass system via a Pass Upgrade.
  • Red Nucleus: Used for Limited Special Orders. These can only be purchased from the in-game store.

When it comes to Special Orders, you can either use one type of Nucleus to pull once, gaining one Weapon, or use 10 Nuclei to gain 10 Weapons. Because of how the rates work, it’s much better if you pull using 10 Nuclei.

Tower of Fantasy’s Special Order rates explained

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The rates will be different depending on the banner you’re pulling from. The rate for the Standard Banner has a starting 0.75% chance of you rolling an SSR Weapon which will get increased up to a 2% chance overall. After 80 Rolls (eight 10x Orders), you’ll be guaranteed an SSR Weapon. For an SR Weapon, your starting chance is 1% and will get increased to 12% overall. You’re guaranteed to get at least one SR or better with every 10 Special Orders you do, which is why we recommend saving up until you have enough to do a 10-pull. When it comes to the Special Banners, the chances are the same. The only difference is that if you get an SSR weapon, it has a 50% chance of being that featured character.

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Where the rates differ is with the Black Nuclei Banners. For this banner, the chances of getting an SSR is 0.3% with no increase. Your chances of getting an SR weapon are 3%, again with no increase. You’re also not guaranteed an SR if you do a 10-pull like you are with the other two banners.

How to buy Gold or Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

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As mentioned earlier, you buy either of these two from the Store. A single Gold or Red Nucleus will cost you 150 Dark Crystals or Tanium. Tanium can be purchased from the Store under the Purchase Reward tab.