Is Trek to Yomi on Xbox Game Pass?

It’s a day one release.

Screenshot via Devolver Digital YouTube

Devolver Digital is one of the more prolific publishers if you’re into indie games and experimental titles. Its portfolio runs the gamut from Loop Hero to My Friend Pedro. Some of Devolver Digital’s games, like My Friend Pedro, have appeared on Xbox Game Pass. Can we expect the same from Trek to Yomi?

Trek to Yomi launches on Xbox Game Pass on day one. The March 16 [email protected] stream showcased a new trailer focusing on its combat. The game officially launches on May 5. Trek to Yomi is also available on PlayStation consoles in addition to Xbox and PC.

Originally announced during the summer of last year, the game is a departure for Flying Wild Hog, which is best known for the modern Shadow Warrior franchise. The team behind the frenetic first person action series is developing Trek to Yomi in collaboration with Leonard Menchiari.

Coming from a film background, Menchiari’s directing and writing experience likely played a large role in its direction. While Flying Wild Hog has dabbled with other genres, cinematic experiences aren’t their strong suit. This is something you wouldn’t be able to tell from its trailers that evoke 50s and 60s Japanese cinema, communicated through an effective black and white visual style that emulates the imperfections in film stock, and Japanese-only voice acting.