Is Twitch down? How to check Twitch server status

What do you do when the stream stops?

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Twitch can encounter several problems while you’re trying to watch a streamer or if you’re trying to stream from the service. For example, the Twitch servers might be down if you’re experiencing errors or hiccups in the service. This guide will outline where and how you can check Twitch’s server status quickly.

How to check the Twitch server status

An excellent way to check out any current problems is to visit the Twitch Support Twitter page. The support team running this account is reasonably responsive and shares small tidbits of information about what’s happening from their side. If you see a post from the Twitch Support team about a problem, it’s a good indication that the Twitch servers are encountering problems and there’s nothing wrong with your end of things. In addition, the team should provide a handful of helpful updates about what is happening and how long you can expect to wait.

How long this can take will vary. We recommend frequently visiting the support page for Twitter to see any live updates and ensure you stay on top of these problems.

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Alternatively, you can check out the Downdetector page for Twitch. From here, you can see how many reported outages have happened in a short time, giving you a good idea if the issue is happening all over the place or if everything is relatively stable, which means there’s an issue on your network or with your hardware. It’s a good way to double-check if the problem is more widespread.

When you notice a trend between these two locations, your best bet is to take a step back from Twitch and head to another website. You can refer to the Twitch Support Twitter page to receive updates while you wait to begin using Twitch again as a streamer or viewer.