Is Warface Breakout free to play?

Can you play for free?

Warface Breakout

Warface Breakout is the latest installment in Crytek’s Warface series, bringing a competitive shooter that has been “optimized” for consoles to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Heavily inspired by Counter-Strike, the game pits two teams against each other as one attempts to plant a bomb, and the other team tries to stop them.

If you are wondering if the game is free to play, the answer is no. The good news is that the game costs just $20 dollars, so you will not be breaking the bank if you do decide to buy in to the tactical-shooting fun.

The game focuses on two factions, Wardens and Reapers. These competing groups of mercenaries will battle out in a mode where one side needs to plant a bomb, and the other side needs to defend.

Five multiplayer maps are available on launch, each offering a variety of strategic opportunities where your combat skills can shine:

  • Storage: A classic, two-lane map with plant sites on either side of a storage building
  • City: An open skyscraper’s rooftop in the heart of a futuristic city with some really good sniping points
  • Sandstorm: A sandstorm-ravaged excavation site in Egypt where you have to disrupt or defend the scientific research process
  • Oasis: A gorgeous, Eastern-style palace that conceals a maze of corridors
  • Facility: A network of streets encompassing a suburban facility complex

The game has a strong futuristic vibe, playing out in environments that reminded us quite strong of Blacklight Retribution, so fans of that particular ill-fated free-to-play game might find something to enjoy here. The game features over 30 weapons at the moment, and according to the developers will benefit from free seasonal content that will reward players with exclusive rewards.