Is Warframe’s Enhanced Graphics Update coming to Nintendo Switch? Answered

Is it possible?

image via Digital Extremes

Warframe is available on all major platforms but current-gen owners got the better end of the free-to-play experience. While the game has been the same no matter what you play it on, the difference came down to how it looked. Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 players got Warframe’s Enhanced Graphics Update on release while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners had to wait for the update. But where does that leave Nintendo Switch players? Here’s what we know about the Enhanced Graphics Update for Nintendo’s system.

Does Warframe on Nintendo Switch have the Enhanced Graphics Update?

As of this writing, the Nintendo Switch version of Warframe does not have the Enhanced Graphics Update. Developer Digital Extremes is working on bringing it to the console but has yet to say when exactly it will launch. When and if it does release for the Switch, it will bring a lot of changes with it. Players can expect to see more detailed reflections, dynamic lighting, and shadowing throughout the game. Glass objects such as glints on your Warframe won’t be as jarring either. Furthermore, it will allow you to customize a few options as well. You’ll be able to choose whether or not sun shadows and enhanced decals are on or off. Disabling them will improve the game’s performance. All in all, the Enhanced Graphics Update provides a smoother and better-looking experience for Warframe.

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The Enhanced Graphics Update has been the standard engine since launching alongside the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 release. Originally called the Deferred update, the Enhanced Graphics Update was only available for those systems. However, the release of Citrine’s Last Wish sees the update on last-gen consoles as well.

As for Warframe itself, the game runs off of the Evolution engine. It was created by the development team at Digital Extremes.