Warframe’s Ghoul Purge event guide – rewards, schedule, and more

Purge the Ghouls and earn rare weapons.

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The Ghoul Purge is an annual, limited-time event in Warframe’s first open-world environment, the Plains of Eidolon. This event features a sub-faction of the Grineer called Ghouls that attacks players roaming the open world or trying to complete bounties. Taking them out can earn powerful rewards, including character upgrades and new weapons. This is how to participate in the Ghoul Purge event in Warframe.

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How to join the Ghoul Purge event in Warframe

The Ghoul Purge event is a limited-time mode that returns to Warframe every few months. It contains a unique set of enemies to fight and bounties to chase. You can earn rare weapons during this event if you participate and take this Grineer threat down.

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To participate in the event, you must head to the Earth open world hub town called Cetus. In this town, you must seek out Konzu near the gate to the Plains of Eidolon. When you speak to Konzu, he will have a pair of Ghoul Purge-specific bounties you can attempt. One of these bounties is aimed at low-level players, and the other is at high-level players. Each of these bounties contains a list of Common, Uncommon, and Rare rewards for you to earn.

All Ghoul Purge Rewards in Warframe

In addition to the standard bounty rewards, Warframe has to offer, such as Credit Caches, Endo, and rare Relics. You can earn event exclusive rewards as well. The primary draw of this event is the Hunter mod set.

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These rewards aren’t guaranteed for completing each bounty, so you will have to run them repeatedly for a chance to collect the entire set. If you equip all six of the Hunter mods, you earn a set bonus that grants a 150% damage bonus to your Companions when they target enemies affected by Slash damage.

  • Hunter Adrenaline: Convert 45% of Damage on Health to Energy.
  • Hunter Recovery: +30% Companion Lifesteal-link
  • Hunter Command: Applying a Slash status to an enemy causes your Companion to attack them for 6 seconds
  • Hunter Munitions: +30% chance to apply Slash status to an enemy on Critical Hit.
  • Hunter Synergy: +30% Crit Link
  • Hunter Track: +30% Status Duration

You can also earn blueprints for weapons that are specific to this event.

  • Quartakk Primary Weapon (MR 10) – A highly accurate rifle. High Critical Chance and good Critical Damage.
  • Stubba Secondary Weapon (MR 7) – a compact submachine gun. High Critical Chance and Critical Damage, combined with a fast fire rate and a high-capacity magazine.

You can earn these mods and blueprints for yourself, but they can also be traded with other players in a clan dojo or a trading post. The Ghouls are tough to fight, but you can use matchmaking to group up with other players looking to participate in Warframe’s Ghoul Purge event.