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Warframe launching Enhanced Graphics Engine for last-gen consoles, bringing both generations up to date

Everything's looking good.

Current console owners are able to enjoy Warframe at peak performance. When the game launched for PlayStation 5 in 2020 and Xbox Series X/S the following year, the graphics engine got an overhaul to promote an overall smoother experience for players. However, those who have it on last-gen consoles were, until now, stuck in the past.

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A post by the developers announced that those who have Warframe on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will soon see the game updated. The update will bring the Enhanced Graphics Engine to last-gen consoles. Of course, current-gen consoles already operate off the Enhanced Graphics Engine, it’s been the standard graphics engine for both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S since Warframe launched on the consoles. The update for PS4 and Xbox One will be the first time both generations of consoles run off of the same engine.

Exactly when the update will arrive remains a mystery. We know it will release alongside Citrine’s Last Wish, which is coming sometime in February. It was originally set to release with the upcoming Duviri Paradox open-world expansion but is now coming sooner.

Bringing the Enhanced Graphics Engine to last-gen consols means players will get to see missing in-game visuals. The visuals are in current-gen games but are lacking on older consoles due to the outdated engine. They include wall decals, tattoos, and facial hair for specific characters. The update will also enable players to access new options through settings. Players will be able to turn sun shadows on or off and disable or enable enhanced decals. If you want, you’ll be able to turn them both off to improve Warframe’s performance.

The Enhanced Graphics Engine is a complete overhaul of the graphics engine for Warframe. It was put into place to ensure everything from the dynamic lighting to shadows looked better across the entire game. Warframe itself runs off of the Evolution engine which was created by Warframe developer Digital Extremes.

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